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About AIAA
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AIAA is a national network of organisations and individuals involved with Australia-Indonesia cultural exchange. AIAA's vision is: promoting Indonesian culture throughout Australia; creating new pathways for Indonesian artists to share their culture in Australia; and creating an open forum for cross-fertilisation of ideas between people of all disciplines involved with Indonesian culture. If you would like to see more Indonesian cultural activities in your area, get together with like minded people and share your ideas. By working together we can make it happen.

AIAA was founded by Judith Shelley in May 1998. At that time the situation in Indonesia had become increasingly difficult due to the economic crisis. AIAA grew from this concern and a desire to create closer contact and exchange with Indonesia.

AIAA was established in order to:
- promote Indonesian culture in Australia
- create new opportunies for Indonesian artists to visit Australia to share their culture here.

By creating a project which enables Indonesian artworkers to visit Australia to work and teach, it supports individual artists as well as creating greater understanding and co-operation between Australia and Indonesia. This exchange will have several benefits: