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Opportunities for dance artists:

Call for proposals and expressions of interest for 2005-7

Choreographic Fellowships 2005 - Proposals by 16 July 2004
Choreographic Commissions 2005 - Proposals by 16 July 2004
Choreographic Residencies 2005 & 2006
Professional Secondments & Research Projects 2005 & 2006
Tertiary Student Secondments & Work Placements 2005 & 2006

For full details, download the Call for Proposals from
What do we support?
The Centre¹s principal goal is to facilitate choreographic research, development of choreographers, and development of new choreographic work.

Development of choreographers
We provide professional development opportunities aimed at developing both the research and choreographic skills of choreographers. We assist choreographers in making transitions in their skills ‹ in particular, transitions in depth of practice: from the use of composition and basic principles to the practice of a choreographic craft, and ultimately to viable integrated practice as a professional choreographer.

Choreographic research
The products of choreographic research are new ideas, new expressions, new ways of seeing; intellectual frameworks, choreographic processes, methodologies, and systems; and new dance works. Choreographic research may be academic and publishable; or the results of choreographic research may also be located within the choreographer and expressed only through the dance work.

New choreographic work
We provide Choreographic Residencies for projects where creation of new dance works is the focus. Creation of new works is a secondary goal for other programs.

Development of dancers
We are not primarily a dancer-training organisation. However, we expect every project to develop the skills and choreographic understanding of the dancers involved. We welcome secondment proposals from dancers.
Summary of the Programs

Choreographic Fellowships 2006
A Fellowship provides an individual choreographer with a significant paid opportunity, with a small team, studio time and resources, in order to develop their choreographic craft, produce new choreographic research, or create new dance material. The Fellowship program for 2005 is committed, and proposals are now invited for the 2006 calendar year.

Choreographic Commissions 2005 & 2006
The Commissions program exists to give choreographers a mentored opportunity to make transitions in focus: from open-ended creative development to working on a commission to a brief. Some commissions are with Quantum Leap Youth Choreographic Ensemble, which consists of talented young people (825 years) with dance and movement skills, auditioned in the Canberra region. Working with Quantum Leap means choreographing with a large group (8-50), for mainstage presentation, in collaboration with other artists; and helping young people understand the choreographic process.

Choreographic Residencies 2005 & 2006
Choreographic Residencies may be similar to Fellowships in many ways. The core differences are: that a Residency is supported with resources from the Centre, but not salaries or fees; that Residencies can be awarded at relatively short notice by the Artistic Director; and Residencies are available for a wider range of purposes.

Training Residencies 2005 & 2006
Training Residencies utilise the Centre¹s studios to support choreographers and dancers wanting to develop specific performance skills. This might build a core of dancers that a choreographer can work with in a specific practice; for example aerial choreography; mime, physical theatre, or Butoh. It also supports choreographers in exploring new modes and techniques.

Professional Secondments & Research Projects 2005 & 2006
The Centre welcomes proposals from staff in professional dance companies and tertiary institutions, for activities involving the Centre¹s projects. The applicant could be a primary artist or observer in the activity, which may take the form of a secondment into a project as a team member or mentor, or research using a Centre project as a study site.

Tertiary Student Secondments & Work Placements 2005 & 2006
The Centre welcomes proposals from dance and movement students at tertiary institutions for activities involving the Centre¹s projects. These may take the form of a secondment into a particular project, work placements into a range of Centre activities, an ongoing relationship with the Centre, or postgraduate research using a Centre activity as a study site.

For full details, download the Call for Proposals from

Gary Barnes
General Manager
The Australian Choreographic Centre
"Nurturing Innovation and Vision"
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Artistic Director: Mark Gordon

General Manager: Gary Barnes

Manager of Youth Dance Practice : Ruth Osborne

Administrator: Julie Fraser

Technical Officer: Sam Johnstone

Marketing and Health Education Officer:
Kath Duhigg

The Australian Choreographic Centre is assisted by:
* The ACT Government through its Cultural Council and artsACT;
* The Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council;
* HealthPact, promoting good health in the ACT community;
* NSW Ministry for the Arts.
From time to time, special projects of the Centre
are supported by Arts SA, ArtsWA and Arts Victoria.