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Ideas for Schools

Ideas for LOTE
Human Societies, Indonesian Language and Culture Enrichment

Right: "Bali Memories" by Cynthia Webb


  1. to create harmony and co-operation between Australian and Indonesian people through Education

  2. to support and enrich Department of Education Indonesian programs by utilizing skilled input from the wider community, the Australian-Indonesian community and/or from Indonesia

  3. to promote excellence in education through Artist in Residence programs which invite Indonesian artists of a high standard of practice to teach within Australian schools

  4. to break down barriers between schools/educational institutions and the wider community specifically the Indonesian community

1. Needs analysis of Schools/Educational Institutions re Indonesian language and culture

May be conducted by:

  1. surveying teachers’ needs utilizing AIAA survey form

  2. teachers survey their class’s needs and interest utilizing AIAA survey form on a class basis

  3. full survey of the school students’ needs involves all students taking a AIAA survey form to be completed at home

2. Establishment of programs to meet the needs of teachers and students

  1. Teacher training/inservicing may be established on a school or cluster basis; workshops, courses run by skilled community members on a casual or regular basis eg weekly classes in Bahasa Indonesia and/or Indonesian culture. Funding: Professional Development Fund, LOTE Fund, Human Societies Fund, Disadvantaged Schools Funding or teachers pay for their own training eg $5-10 per class (tax deductible)

  2. Courses for students may be established on a class by class or whole school basis

  3. Workshops, courses run by skilled community members on a casual or regular basis eg weekly classes in Bahasa Indonesia and/or Indonesian culture. Funding: LOTE Fund, Human Societies Fund, Disadvantaged Schools Fund, Access Asia Funding, Fund raising/Sponsorship or students pay for their own classes eg $1-8 per class (depending on numbers) or private tuition

  4. Parent visits – If you have Indonesian children at your school invite parents to give 0ccasional talk to your class. If parents are skilled teachers and are invited to teach on a regular basis they should be offered payment.

  5. Indonesian cultural performances by touring groups, local Indonesian Cultural Groups

  6. Hari Indonesia at your school: incorporating performances by visiting artists, student performances, workshops in Indonesian culture run by teachers and /or guest teachers, Indonesian lunch provided by the school canteen or by teachers.

  7. Establishment of Sister – school relationships with Indonesian schools and participation in student exchange programs eg Rotary Club, AFS.

  8. Artist-in-Residence Program – invite an Indonesian performing or visual artist to visit Australia to work on a part-time basis within your school and community, who may be employed to undertake/ participate in all of the above programs designed to meet the needs of the school community.

May be undertaken as a joint project/partnership with community/cultural groups, local councils and universities.

Funding: Professional Development Fund, LOTE Fund, Human Societies Fund, Disadvantaged Schools Program, Access Asia Funding, Fund raising, Private Sponsorship, Local Council Sister City Fund, Teachers and students paying for their own classes and /or private tuition.

Visiting Artist Extension Program

Invite an overseas artist presently visiting Australia to teach classes/ workshops/perform at your school/educational institution.

Indonesian Culture Subject Areas which may be addressed

Ideas for Financial Structure of Indonesian Artist-In-Residence Program

1. Travel expenses:


    paid by the artist or

    sponsorship by airlines, travel agents - airlines or travel agents who donate airfares will be listed in promotional materials as a major AIAA sponsor and be given a free banner ad and web site link through AIAA website

    AIAA fundraising or fundraising by local sponsor

Passport, Fiscal Tax -$200, travel insurance:

paid by the artist or

AIAA fundraising or fundraising by local sponsor

2. Accommodation - Food and Board:

to be provided by host families willing to welcome an Indonesian artist as a visitor in their home in exchange for the rich and beneficial educational experience of sharing Indonesian language and culture on a daily basis with a talented Indonesian artworker.

some costs may be paid by artist depending on circumstances

3. Employment - Living Allowance:

A minimum of $200/week employment should be provided by AIAA or the local sponsor to ensure that the artist will have a living allowance while in Australia. Payment per hour should be at rates comparable to Australian wages.

4. Sources of Employment:

Schools/Universities - teacher inservicing - paid for either through using professional development funds or teachers pay for inservicing classes

school funds employ the artist to teach Indonesian culture classes within the school or classes are paid for by students for class or private tuition. eg 16 private students @ $12.50 per 1/2 hour class would provide $200/week

private classes, tuition or workshops held by the community, by AIAA or through Arts Councils, Adult Ed etc

may be paid for by fees, fundraising or cultural grants.

More Ideas for Your Schools

Indonesian students and computer studies students at your school could work on an Indonesian web page for your school web site either as a group project or a competition between students. AIAA offers any school Indonesian web page to exchange links with AIAA website.

Indonesian Node of HSC On-Line

Information for 2/3 Unit and 3 Unit Courses. Includes listening, speaking, reading, writing, song and drama, grouped under tutorials, exams, resources, teacher support and hot news headings.

Other information about Indonesian Community and Cultural groups is available in the Directory. Or contact AIAA on Phone: (02) 6685 7789 Email: