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Colours Of The World Multicultural Festival 2005

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Program of Event

For further info contact; 66 857258

19 Nov 2005

6pm at Suffolk Park Hall

Jamming Party

A gathering of all people interested in sharing their ideas or being involved in the multicultural festival. Bring your ideas, musical instruments and a plate to share.

11 Dec 2005

12 noon at Brunswick Heads Park

Multicultural Picnic Day

Live music, childrens games, treasure hunt, soccer etc. Bring your picnic and musical instruments to add to the atmosphere.

Info Phone; 66 857789

28 Jan 2006

12 noon – 11pm 28 Jan 2006

Colours Of The World Festival Day
Tickets are available at Byron Bay Community Center And Polos Interiors, Brunswick Heads

(tickets cost $30, Concession $25)

Byron Bay Community Centre will become the centre of a colourful, exciting and delightful celebration of cultural diversity of Byron Shire. The day will start with a martial arts expo including Capoiera, Aikido and Iaido, Japanese music and dance, African drumming, Irish dancing, Aboriginal films, speakers, belly dancing, Dances of Peace, food festival.

Martial Arts Expo so far includes;

1pm -Multicultural Concert

Some of the performers who are interested in being involved include;

  • Maori Haka

  • Aboriginal films eg "Us Deadly Mob" Writer/director: Samia Goudie

  • Highland/ Irish dancing

  • Native American songs/dance

  • Native American film

  • Maori singing

  • Indonesian dance - Acehnese Saman Dance

  • Greek Mandolin

  • Allegro Gone Troppo

  • Japanese Shakuhachi flutes

  • Brazilian Jazz

  • Flamenco

  • Salsa dancing

  • Yolanda Santiago Latin American Music

  • Salendro Gamelan Orchestra

  • Indonesian Costumes and Dance

  • Dances of Peace

Faces Of Byron

“Faces of Byron” photographic exhibition will highlight locals + their thoughts on multiculturalism “BYRON BAY is not very multicultural” some one said. (They must have been walking around town with their eyes closed).
A national meeting place of world cultures, multiculturalism is celebrated within you every time you dance to African drumming or eat sushi or kebabs. Things that the average byronite does in the average day.
The faces of Byron tells the time story of the ever changing life of our town one of the most diverse / growing communities in Australia

One Love One Heart

A fascinating look at our local community – a video project which explores the multicultural nature of the Byron Shire Community – including interviews with local artists and cultural groups such as Cheze, Yolanda, Bunny, Blackfella’s Dreaming Gallery among others.


ACE Aboriginal Driver Education Project. A self funded initiative which assists Aboriginal people in the region to obtain their driver’s licence. As 50 hours driving time is now required, for some Aboriginal people this can create major difficulties, especially if there aren’t any licenced drivers in their family to help – which is often the case. The Driver Education Project also trains Aboriginal people to become J.P’s and the project empowers Aboriginal people of all ages. Proceeds from “Colours of the World” will go straight to getting much needed dual controls for the Instructors car, and also in creating publicity for the project to be expanded to other rural areas of Australia.