Annual Report 2012- 2013

Thank you to our AIAA Patrons
AIAA would like to thank and acknowledge the Consul General for the Republic of Indonesia Sydney for holding the position of Patron of AIAA. Many thanks also to Byron Shire Mayor for continuing in the role of AIAA Patron, and attending AIAA events such as the opening the Byron Harmony Festival every year.
I Made Denis Artist-in-Residence Project 2012-13
During July 2012-June 2013 AIAA was very fortunate to continue to support the highly successful Artist-in-Residence Project with visiting Balinese musician I Made Denis from Tianyar, East Bali. Fortunately, this project was supported by the Australia Indonesia Insitute via the Modern Language Teachers Assoc Indonesian Teachers Network involving 16 schools across Southern Qld and now including the Sunshine Coast. Many thanks to the Coordinator Kerry O’Connor, Indonesian teacher from Bundamba Public School . The Made Denis project has been AIAA’s most successful residency to date and continued Into 2013. The project has been highly valuable for both the visiting artist and for the Australian community.
The project has been very successful in creating participation and collaboration with people of all ages across a broad spectrum of the Australian community and across a wide geographical area. The project involved direct participation and experience of Balinese Kecak Dance and Balinese traditional gamelan and contemporary music, as well as Sundanese Angklung and supported by performers of Silat, Balinese Offerings, Balinese, Javanese and Sumatran Dance workshops and performances.
Many thanks to our very generous sponsor Gamelan Gigi Jaya who provided the use of their Balinese Gamelan Orchestra for this project.
While resident in the Southern Qld area Mr I Made Denis worked intensively in the following areas:
1. Teaching and performing at primary and high schools across Australia
2. Leading Balinese Gamelan Groups in Byron Bay and Southport
3. Collaborating and performing with Australian and Indonesian musicians
4. Presenting performances of Balinese Gamelan Music and culture at festivals and music venues such as Byron Bay Harmony Festival, Gold Coast Indonesian Events and Woodford Folk Festival Qld.
Toowoomba Festival Project with MLTAQ Darling Downs
Many thanks to Cecily Bishop from Gamelan Giri Jaya who initiated and sponsored this project, and who applied for the grant for Made Denis to be funded by Festivals Australia with $7,760 to cover the costs of Made Denis participating in the Indonesian Extravaganza Project for the Toowoomba Languages and Cultures Festival held in June 2013. On this occasion Made Denis’s visa was sponsored by the MLTAQ Darling Downs Branch. Gamelan Giri Jaya also provided direct funding for this project. This project took place from May-June 2013 with Made Denis teaching angklung and gamelan on a regular basis to groups of students from 5 Toowoomba area schools Drayton SS, Pittsworth SHS, Newtown SS, Harristown SHS and Darling Heights SS. This project culminated in a really wonderful finale concert/presentation at the Festival. While at the same time Made Denis was able to continue his project with BB2B, Shearwater School and teaching adult gamelan classes.
Byron Harmony Festival 2013
This year our Annual Byron Harmony Festival was coordinated by Corinne Sinclair assisted by the AIAA subcommittee- Byron Harmony Team and was a huge success for AIAA and the Nth Coast community. Supported by the Community Relations Commission of NSW the one day festival involved a very wide representation of the many indigenous and multicultural communities that live in the North Coast and incorporated a wide variety of performances by local cultural groups and artists.
People who attended and participated were overwhelming in their praise and appreciation for the Byron Harmony Day event. The Festival attracted the participation of about 300 performers, volunteers and workshop leaders and attracted an audience of approx 1000.
Byron Harmony Day 2013 involved people from many ethnic groups including Indigenous, Latin American, French, Brazilian, Indonesian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Thai, African, Japanese and Spanish.
Many thanks to coordinators Corinne Sinclair and Judy Shelley and many others in the Harmony Team for all their hard work and to Community Relations Commission and other sponsors.
Suara Indonesia Radio Show
During 2012-13 Suara Indonesia Radio Show was presented by Francesca Von Reinhaart and Kirana Talip. Suara Indonesia continued to present many hours of interesting live interviews, music, CD reviews, news and Indonesian community events for the community of the NSW North Coast and beyond. Due to the input of Francesca Von Reinhaart , not only on radio but also on Harmony Day, contemporary music from Nusa Tenggara has been a unique and strong feature. The program was streaming live every Wednesday 12-1pm at
AIAA Support for Members and Cultural Organisations
The AIAA Board and National Coodinator support many other Australian and Indonesian organizations and individual artists with performances, information, support letters and guidance for their projects as well as undertaking community action and fundraising.
Many Thanks to the National Board
Many thanks to the wonderful National Board of AIAA Malia Ritaningsih, John Lewis, Judy Shelley, Vera Kos and Cynthia Webb for their many years of dedicated support for AIAA and Indonesian cultural exchange.
Thank you to our Sponsors and Supporters 2012-13
The National Board of AIAA expresses sincere appreciation for the generous support of MLTAQ Darling Downs Branch, MLTAQ Indonesian Network, Community Relations Commission, Festivals Australia, Bay FM Community Radio, Byron Bay Community Centre and Byron Market and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.
Southern Cross Bank Balance as at 30 June 2012 $ .04
Performance $29,935.00
Donations/Film Night $ 1,395.00
Bank Transfers $ 2,387.15
Fundraising Stall$ 277.00
Total $33,994.15
Administration $2,782.32
Denis Per Diem $5,976.68
Venue $ 260
Transport $ 6,366.94
Performers/Workshop Teachers Fees $ 14,110.10
Insurance $642.40
Project Costs $ 300.00
Accomodation $ 942.00
Coordination $ 142.00
Made Denis Homestay $ 4,538.62
Misc $ 333.77
Total $ 36,394.84
Balance $ -2,400.69
NAB Bank Balance as at 30th June 2013 $ 359.86
AIAA Public Art Fund
Financial Statement 1st July 2012 – 30th June 2013
Southern Cross Bank Balance as at 30 June 2012 $ 24.52
Bank Transfers $ 2,800.63
TOTAL 2,800.63
Administration $ 225
Denis Per Diem $ 200
Transport $ 881.85
Performers/Workshop Teachers Fees $ 915
Accomodation $ 203.50
Misc $ 399.80
TOTAL $ 2,825.15
BALANCE $ 0.00
Public Art Fund Bank balance as at 30th June 2013 $ 0.00

Judith Shelley
Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance