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Work for the Dole Participants Inspired

The coordination of the Inspirasi Indonesian Arts Festival was undertaken by AIAA members and the AIAA Work For the Dole Team and supervisors. Pictured below are some of the beautiful young people and artists who worked very hard to create this wonderful project : Dale, Alexander, Brad, Shannon, Jarrah, Kerry, Dharma, Jaemmy, Vera, , Firman, Ginny, Tom, Dave, Judy, Andrew and Kirana.

The Work For the Dole Project and our sponsor Ballina Employment and Training have been a fantastic support to AIAA activites during the last 5 years. Inspirasi Indonesian Arts Festival has been our most ambitious and successful project to date presenting over a month of Indonesian cultural activities involving artitsts from Indonesia as well as Queensland, NSW and Victoria - this project would not have been possible without the support of the Work For the Dole Project and the young people, the supervisors and volunteers who undertook all the promotion, graphic design, coordination, stage management, planning, programming, fundraising and documentation. thanks everyone!!!

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