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Achmad Farmis Dance Performer

Name: Achmad Farmis,S.Sn.
Permanent Address:57/13 SADANG LUHUR-BANDUNG-40134
Place and date of birth:Bandung,June 16th,1966
Religion :Moslem
Sex: Male
Nation: Indonesia
Marital Status: Married
Height and Weight: 160 cm-53 kg
Health: Excellent
Education: Indonesian Arts.University (STSI)Surakarta
Graduated 1995

Education Background

1980: Passed from Elementary School
1983: Passed from Secondary School
1987: Passed fron Indonesian Music High School
1992: Passed fromIndonesianArts Academy,Program of Diploma 111 in
Bandung-West Java
1995: Passed in Indonesian Arts.University Program of SI,in
Surakarta - Central Java

Dance Performance Experience

1978: Best performer of Pencak silat festival in West Java
1980: Best performer of Pencak silat festival in West Java
1985: Etnic dance festival in TMII Jakarta
1986: Dancer,of The Choreographer festival in TIM Jakarta
1987: Dancer at the Jakarta Fair
1988: "Culture Woche"Bandung - Braunsweigh,Germany
Musician of the Dance Festival in Surakarta
1990: International Folk Dance Festival in France and Belgium
1991:Dancer of the sister city,Bandung-Texas,USA
1992:Choreographer of opening ceremony Conference in Bandung
Caravan Festival in Toronto,Vancouver and San Francisco
Cultural mission in Uzbekistan,Samarkand and Kazakstan

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