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Taufik Hidayat Dance Performer

The Ritual Collaboration

Anoman Dance

Sangkuriang Brangya Versi Modern Style

Name: Taufik Hidayat
Birth place: Karawang
Birth date: 09/11/66
Religion: Islam
Sex: Male
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Health: excellent
Education: Indonesian Arts University STSI Bandung
Graduated: 1999

1979: Passed from elementary school
1982: Passed from secondary school
1986: Passed from high school
1999: Passed from Indonesian Arts University Program S-1, in Bandung - West Java

1980: Best performance of Mask Dance Festival in West Java
1983: Dancer, of Choreographer Festival in Tim Jakarta
1985: Choreographer, Gita Wira Periwi
1987: Dancer, of the Jakarta Fair
1988: Choreographer, Marak Persada
1994: Choreographer, Satria Natpala (TV Program)
1995: Choreographer, Garuda Marak Buana
1999: Choreographer, Sangkuriang.I
1999: Choreographer, Helaran
2000: Choreographer, Solendang Mayang
2001: Choreographer, Sangkuriang II

Have extensively danced in many groups around Bandung and Jakarta.
As well as a Choreographer in the Jugala Group, Anjungan Jawa Barat(TM11), Dairas Kibudayaan (DK1), Sekar Binarum (Bekasi), Jergala Manik(Depok) to name but a few.

Also listed as a dancer on culture missions to :
1990: Thailand
1991: U.S.A
1994: Europe
1995: Malaysia and Korea
1998: Korea
1999: Sri Lanka

Has previously collaborated with many other choreographers including:
Ken Arok of the Goethe Institute in 1993
Professor Debra Leigh of USA in 1994
Harry Dim the painter
Ray Bachtiar the photographer
Herman Efendi the photographer

Taufik currently teaches body language and dance at the Bekasi secondary school and many other groups around Jakarta and Bandung.


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