Antonius Kho


In 1989 Kho was awarded 1st prize at the competition LIEGESTUHLE, FH Art Design Olivandenhof, Cologne, Germany


  • 1958: Born in Klaten, Indonesia
  • 1977: First studied under Barli at Bandung, Indonesia
  • 1978: Batik studies, Institute of Batik and Craft, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • 1981/82: Academy of Fine Arts, Bandung, Indonesia
  • 1985/92: Academy of Fne Arts FH - Cologne, Germany
  • 1990: Member of FORDERGEMEMEINSCHAFT JUNGE KUNST e. V. Bonn, Germany


    Since 1980 Kho has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Indonesia, Germany and New York

    Critique by Dipika Rai

    "The works of Antonius Kho, born in Klaten, Central Java, are a synthesis of East and West. The vibrant earth tones of his native Java find life and substance in his carefully structured compositions. He seeks to resolve the fluid, graceful, mutable philosophy of Indonesia with solid, reasonable, almost cubist forms. His highly decorative and harmonious compositions capture, the soul of Java as they celebrate its mysticism and culture, in wayang figures, masks and other folkloric emblems. His paintings embody a peculiar concentration and vitality which enables us to grasp their subjects on an intuitive level. The result is pure ornament. A rich feat of decoration that has an almost hypnotic quality. The more we look at these collages of color, the more they reveal.

    "These rich and various forms are rendered in slashing, vigorous strokes, with generous application of tropical colors. Kho, who studied with Barli, the famous Javanese artist well-known for his energetic images filled with movement, uses cloth, paper and string to give his flat surfaces energy and a three dimensional appeal.

    Kho's images form as a result of his experience in the Institute of Fine Arts(ITB) in Bandung, and his German training. Typically, artists trained at ITB Bandung look to the West for inspiration. They are inspired by cubist and abstract styles, and Kho is no exception. The rudiments of his style, learned in Bandung, were honed in Germany at the Academy of Fine Arts FH - Cologne.

    "Now, working from his idyllic studio in the quiet hills of Ubud, Bali's artist haven, Kho creates seductive contemporary visions of Indonesian culture and mythology."

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