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Ramayana Topeng Workshop and Performance 2014


Presenting "The Lost Princess and the Monkey King"

"The famously beautiful Princess Dewi Sita is captured in a foreign land, and trapped in a strange garden. She waits for months and months to hear from her beloved Prince Rama, but no word comes...suddenly a friendly face appears in this strange land, a funny monkey who makes her laugh and forget her troubles... the biggest surprise is when the monkey turns out to be none other than Hanoman - magical King of the monkeys - Rama's great friend and he gives her Rama's ring to prove to her that her Prince is coming ... but Hanoman's adventures are not over, he has to find his monkey friends again and go through the kingdom of the frogs."

A new version of an episode from the ever-popular Hindu epic story the Ramayana where the students learn to present Balinese performance techniques such as Topeng (Mask) dance and Kecak (Monkey chant) while practising Bahasa Indonesia in a flexible story line...


The Ramayana team will be touring nationally during 2014 so please BOOK now !

Cost $7 per student per workshop or performance.
Book now!

Bookings: Contact Judy 0405463663 or

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