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Suara Indonesia Radio Show

Suara Indonesia is an Indonesian-English bi-lingual radio show that goes to air every Sunday 4-6pm on Bay FM Community Radio 99.9. Bay FM is a community radio station located in Byron Bay, Australia. It is a non profit organization that relies on 100% community support and funding. The Suara Indonesia show is one of the only two ethnic programs on Bay FM at the present time and as such provides essential variety and interest for the community of the North Coast.

The Suara Indonesia radio show was created by Tjintana Matahari and members of the local Indonesian community and is now presented by the Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance to actively promote new and upcoming Indonesian music and musicians.

As well as promoting music, the Suara Indonesia Radio show broadcasts information relating to current Indonesian art and cultural events.

Suara Indonesia is funded by Community Broadcasting Foundation Ethnic Grant Program and is currently working on building up a collection of Indonesian and Indonesian influenced music.

Suara means "the voice of Indonesia"

Between 1-2pm on Wednesday afternoons on Bay Fm Community Radio 99.9, the sounds of Gamelan and other Indonesian musical delights can be heard alongside CD reviews, news, interviews, current affairs, information relating to Indonesia and the local Indonesian Community, also presenting current Indonesian Art and Cultural events. Whether you’re in the Byron Shire with your radio on or in Indonesia, you can hear the show through Bay FM’s website, which is now streaming on line by logging onto

Suara Indonesia is funded by the Community Broadcasting Foundation - Ethnic Grant Program, and has built up an extensive collection of Indonesian and Indonesia- influenced music.

The popular Indonesian-English bi-lingual radio show is produced by the Suara Indonesia team, members of the Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance.

Radio Crew

Since the original founder of the program, Tjintana Matahari first went to air with Suara Indonesia nearly 20 years ago, there have been a number of presenters. Indonesian, bi-lingual or just people with a love and interest for Indonesia.

Current members of the Team include:Francesca Von Reinhaart, Yana Sutiana, Judy Shelley, Franciscus Dhewo, Kirana Alderton, John Lewis and Dharma Bradridge. There are often visits from local Indonesian Community members, including the original member of the team, Tijntana.

Previous presenters include: Jaemmy Basirudin, Kellie Norman, Jo Williams, Paul Francis, Yvonne Jessup. Hendri Budiman, Wawan Prahara, Henry Horthy, Tone Broker

Dharma Bradridge

Dharma lending his Indonesian-born voice, heart and mind to the program, has been a great force behind the show presentation and production since 2004 and co-ordinator since 2005. Dharma’s particular style of presenting has enchanted our listeners.

Kellie Norman

Joined the team in 2003, with an interest and love for both Indonesia and radio, Kellie went on to have her own show on Bay FM.

Judy Shelley

Seeing the essential role that the Suara Indonesia Radio Program plays in being a voice for the Indonesian Community, as the AIAA founder Judy, has overseen the funding, co-ordination and production of the show for many years. Judy was main presenter of the show for many years, first joining Tjintana on air in 1996.

Tjintana Matahari (Beloved Sun)

Founder of Suara Indonesia Tjintana originally started Suara Indonesia in 1993. Tjintana is originally from Sulawesi and has lived and worked in Byron Bay for over 25 years. She and is a well known member of the local Indonesian Community, appearing on Suara Indonesia as a contributor.

Past presenters

If you would like to contact the Suara Indonesia radio show you can email:

We are currently seeking to hear from Indonesian related record companies that may wish to promote their music on our show. If you are interested in letting us promote your artists then let us know!

Links to Past Radio Interviews


Bpk Ismet Ruchimat from Sumbasunda
Wahyu Roche from Warogus
Kym hall gamelan girl
Andrew Jack Australian Artist


Herman Kamra during Poetry Exchange 2001
Arif Hidayat from Arimba Culture Exchange
Wawan Juanda President of Republic of Entertainment
Anne at the gamelan gathering Hat Head
Bpk M. Bundhovi from the Indonesian Assistant Teacher's Program
Deni Oseng fromm Krakatau
Arif Hidayat from Arimba Culture Exchange
Andrew Jack Australian visual artist
Indonesian language students at Byron Combined Schools Gamelan Workshop Program


Fiona Collins OzIndo Cyclist
Phillip Booth on Learnscapes