Vol 24 - Winter 2007

The First On-line Magazine about Indonesian Culture in Australia. ISSN 1443-3680. Journal of Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance. Also available in the Archives of the National Library of Australia at: http://purl.nla.gov.au/nla/pandora/inspirasi

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Main Articles

AIAA Annual Report

Artists Family Aid

Byron Writers Festival 2007

Iranian Friends at Womad

SambaSunda Goes Down Under at WOMAD

Step into Ubud


Spotlight on Putu Oka Sutanta

Kachampo by Tommee

Indonesia Elected to UNSC

Dancing For 24 Hours - Gelar Tari 24 Jam Menari

Bali Through the Eyes of its Children

2007 ASILE Conference

Solo Dance Festival IV 2007

On Thrones of Gold

Alfira's Dance Classes

Gender group at Wintermoon festival May 2007

Indonesia Council - Open Conference







Banda Aceh patients in Brisbane for operation

Letter from Ibu Chusnul


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Copyright © All information, pictures and sound on this page and the following pages are copyright and can only be reproduced for study purposes or sharing of information.

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