Indonesian Encounters 2009

Summer Program in Indonesia

The Center for World Music is proud to announce its Indonesian Encounters 2009 Summer Programs in Bali and Java. Three interrelated programs on-site in Indonesia will be offered, including

  1. a Summer Workshop in Bali, focusing on the music, dance, and puppetry from Sunda, Java, Bali (June 20-July 6)
  2. a Payangan Festival, presenting special styles of Balinese music, dance, and theater (July 2-5);
  3. a Performing Arts Tour of Java, focusing on the traditional performing arts (music, dance, and theater), the plastic arts (including Hindu and Buddhist historical monuments), and traditional Indonesian and Javanese cuisine (July 6-12).

The intensive “hands-on” Summer Workshop in Bali, taught by nine distinguished native Indonesian instructors, is designed for all instructors of performing arts classes and will cover issues and principles relevant to the teaching and learning of world music, dance, and theater in the classroom.
The Performing Arts Tour of Java will include visits to the main royal courts of Yogyakarta and Surakarta, excursions to the archeological sites of Central Java (the Borobudur Stupa and the Prambanan Temple Complex), guided observation of traditional performing arts rehearsals and public performances, and relaxed opportunities for shopping.
Included in the fees are all international and local transportation, all overnight accommodations, and all performance fees.

  • Three-week Indonesian Encounters ($3,295),
  • two-week Bali Workshop ($2,895),
  • one-week Java Tour ($2,295).

Applications and more information are available at the Center for World Music website listed below.
For additional information or questions, please contact Dr. Lewis Peterman at or
at (619) 440-7046.
For a virtual tour of the Center’s Flower Mountain campus retreat in Bali, please visit the following website.
Sincerely yours, Lewis Peterman, President Center for World Music