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Directory of Cultural Contacts in Bali

The tiny island of Bali

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Bali Arts Festival

The schedule for the Bali Arts Festival is now posted on its very own web site:
For contacts and further information:
Dinas Kebudayaan Propinsi Bali
Jl Ir Juanda No.1
Niti Mandala Renon
Tel. (62) (361) 245294, 245297, Fax 243621
Tel/fax : 62-361-226745 / 62-818569488
77 Jl. Nusa Indah, Abian Kapas Kaja Denpasar 80235, Bali

H Hartanto

Address: Jl Satelit 17 DENPASAR Bali
mobil: (62) (0)3617458974

Pranoto's Art Gallery

Pranoto's Art Gallery is a lively, active place on the main road in Kutu, Ubud, Bali, hosting exhibitions and life-drawing model sessions three times a week. It was established in 1996 by an artist couple, Pranoto and his wife Kerry Pendergrast from Perth. Please feel free to drop in to the gallery or attend the drawing sessions if you visit Bali. Kerry and Pranoto would love to develop further the connection between Indonesia and Australia and indeed, the world.
Main Road Kutuh Ubud Bali
Gallery Website:

Sanggar Mekar Bhuana - Denpasar

Sanggar Mekar Bhuana is a newly formed Dance and Music Association, Based in Denpasar.
The gamelan offered are: semara pagulingan, pelegongan, joged bumbung, gender wayang, batel, and baleganjur. Sanggar Mekar Bhuana promote the preservation of the traditional repertoires. They have antique instruments and the sound quality of the gamelan is first class.
Sanggar Mekar Bhuana is a group of highly skilled, professional musicians (both young and old), who play gamelan music for the sheer pleasure of it. The semara pagulingan saih lima / pelegongan group play only classic gamelan repertoires - pieces inherited from the ancient gambuh tradition and those composed by the likes of Gurus Lotring and Kaler.

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