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Directory of Cultural Contacts in Java


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Jakarta International Puppetry Festival 2006

Juliana Wilson, Festival Director

Address: Jalan Utan Kayu 68-H Jakarta Timur Indonesia
Phone : 62-21-857-3388
Fax : 62-21-857-3387

West Java


Bandung, which enjoys cool weather year round is located 180 km from Jakarta. As the centre of Sundanese culture, Bandung provides many opportunities to enjoy local art. There are many spectacular music performances and Sundanese dance, with beautiful and talented village children.

Gedung Pertunjukan


Group Kesenian


Ikatan Wanita Pelukis Indonesia Jabar

(pictured right)
JI Prof.Sutami No.91 Bandung 40152
Telp/Fax: (022) 2011898


IWPI (Ikatan Wanita Pelukis Indonesia)

Jl. Cempaka Putih Tengah No. 57 Jakarta Pusat
Telp. 4246955

Kelompok 282 Bandung

Sekretariat J1. Kopo. No.282 Bandung
Phone: (62-22) 635138

Objek Wisata Alam

Pangandaran Gallery and the Artists Co-operative

Exhibitions, gallery, festival, local artists.

Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is on Jl Cilaki No73


Rumentang Siang Theatre

Jalan Peta Kosambi Marketplace. Weekly performances of traditional art of self defence known as Pencak Silat.



Sambasunda (pictured on right) is an Indonesian musical group. It is a percussion group which utilise a combination of Sundanese and Balinese Gamelan sounds to create new music.


Sasana Budaya (Cultural Centre) of Bandung

In the Northern part of the city. There are performances held here during different times of the year using both an outside stage and inside auditorium.

Saung Ujo

Jl.Padasuka 118 Banduung 40192
Telp. 7271714

Sekar Tampaksiring

Sanggar Tari Bali
Every Sunday
8.00am - 1pm. 1 1/2 Hour Sessions at Sekretariat Tampaksiring Jl. Civing Wanara No 18, Bandung
Telephone: 022 2507350

Sanggar Seni and Tari


Taman Rekkreasi

The Sanan Ambu Art Building

Jalan Buahbatu, part of STSI (College of Art) is a must for all theatre lovers and can enjoy many performances by students. Rumentang Siang Theatre on Jalan Peta at the Kosambi Marketplace holds weekly performances of traditional art of self defence known as Pencak Silat.

Central Java


CaSa CaSinta - Member AIAA

Gallery, cultural exchange and visual arts exhibitions
Carlos de Haas
Jl. Tirtodipuran No 25 Yogyakarta 55143 Indonesia
Phone/Fax: (62) 02 7438 1349

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Study Gamelan in Jogjakarta

ACICIS can now place participants for a semester in the Indonesian Institute of Arts in Yogyakarta, one of Indonesia’s premier institutions for the performing and visual arts. Students can study gamelan, wayang kulit, dance, dalang studies and many other subjects.
Prices are very reasonable

Benefits: Western Resident Director oversees the program in Indonesia;
ACICIS does all of the paperwork for a 12 month temporary resident visa (Kitas);
3 day live in orientation on arrival

ACICIS is a consortium of Australian universities which sends students to study for a semester at Indonesian universities.
We welcome non-Australian participants.

David Armstrong
Administration Officer
ACICIS Secretariat
Division of Arts
Murdoch University
Murdoch, Western Australia 6150
Phone (+61) 8 9360 6254
Fax (+61) 8 9360 6575

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