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Anything But Roy

Organic Drum "N" Base, breakbeat, percussionists with instruments from North Sumatra, West Java, Bali, China, Korea, and the Philippines.
Contact Reza Achman
Phone (02) 9318 2548 mob. 0404 045 359

Arimba Culture Exchange - Member AIAA

Promoting cultural exchange between Australian and Indonesian artists on a person to person level. Organises events, production management, tours, workshops, performances.
Margaret Bradley and Arif Hidayat
1/16 Croydon Street Petersham 2049 NSW Australia
Phone: (61) 02 9569 9028 Fax: (61) 02 9281 1349
Young Australian Workshop:

Australia Indonesia Association (NSW)

Aims to promote a better understanding and relationship between Australia and Indonesia
PO Box 802 Sydney 2001

Phone: (61) 02 9747 2920

Balai Budaya Indonesia / Indonesian Cultural Centre

Provides information on Indonesian language and culture, holds traditional dance classes, and provides translation and interpreting services
PO Box 55 Holme Building University of Sydney Union Sydney 2006
Jon Soemarjono, Convenor
Phone/Fax: (61) 02 9878 4450

Bradridge Family

Performers of Indonesian music and dance, available for festivals, school performances, music venues, workshops.
Phone: Dharma (61) 02 66808079

CIDE (Al Hijrah Mosque)

45 Station Street Tempe 2044
Rayan Bashit, Secretary Phone: (61) 02 9216 2721

Ethnic Communities Council of NSW

221 Cope Street Waterloo NSW 2017
Phone: (61) 02 9319 0288

Galura Bandung

Tuition and performance of Sundanese music and dance, kacapi, jaipongan.
Contact: Obek (Simon) Junaedi

Phone:(61) 02 9560 1438 / 02 9663 4854

Gamelan Langen Sari

Study and performance of Indonesian traditional music, particularly Sundanese Degung Gamelan

Located in Bangalow NSW
Email :

Gamelan Swara Naga

Fusion gamelan, playing traditional and modern Sundanese, Balinese and Minangkabau pieces
David Goldsworthy Music Department University of New England Armidale NSW Australia
Phone: (61) 02 6772 9071 / 6773 6447


A nine piece ensemble based in Sydney which blends haunting vocals, complex javanese gamelan and contemporary jazz
Contact: Garis Music Productions 1/75 The Boulevard, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203 Australia
Phone/Fax: (02) 9564 0763

Global Islamic Youth Centre
Address: 265 George Street, Liverpool, Sydney, 2170
Phone: (02) 9602 1900

Indonesian Association of NSW Inc / Perhimpunan Indonesia Inc

This is an umbrella organisation for a number of Indonesian social, cultural and religious organisations. Holds cultural, social and educational activities. Publishes a newsletter
Jon Soemarjono, President Phone/Fax: (61) 02 9878 4450
31 Lucinda Road Eastwood 2122
PO Box 1606 Macquarie Centre Post Office North Ryde 2113

Indonesian Buddhist Association

Provides regular Sunday services, chanting, meditation, Dhamma talks and discussions
20 Victoria Street Lewisham 2049
7 Montery Street Wentworthville 2145
Mr U Lais, President Phone: (61) 02 9893 8932

Indonesian Community Council of NSW ICC

5 Dibble Ave
Marrickville NSW
Contact :

Public Officer : Mr. Donny Amidharmo

Chairman : Mr. Iwan Natapradja
President : Alan Gerungan 0432 822 057



Indonesian Christian Fellowship

Provides church service, bible study, youth fellowship and Sunday school
Secretary Phone: (61) 02 9698 9437
3 Stanley Street Sydney 2000 or PO Box 45 Waterloo 2017


Indonesian Language Classes- Member AIAA

Indonesian language classes in Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore

Contact: Judy Shelley

Phone: 02 66857789


IWA-Indonesian Welfare Association

IWA is a non profit organisation working together with Burwood Welfare services offering help to fostering a better life for migrants especially Indonesian residents in Australia.
Indonesian Welfare Association
P.O. box 6143,
Baulkham Hills,NSW 2153

Indonesian Group

Ida Bacon Phone: (61) 02 9744 8231

Indonesian Representatives

Indonesian Social Group

For people desiring social contact, the social club engages in social and cultural activities, organises talks and discussions, the sharing of experiences - everyone welcome!
Contact: Jon Soemarjono Phone: 61 02 9878 4450

Kalooma Promotions - Member AIAA

Promotion of Sundanese music and dance, recordings, performances, gamelan, kacapi and other musical instruments
Karen McManus 51 Victoria Street Lewisham NSW 2049 Australia
Phone: (61) 02 9560 1438 Fax: (61) 02 9560 1438 Mobile: 0414 560 143

Ku Promotions

Promoters of World Music Performances( including Indonesian music) in Byron Shire
Contact: Suzy Phone: 61 02 66 79 5228 Fax: 61 02 6679 5235
Address: PO Box 77 Uki 2484 NSW Australia

Kyai Kebo Giro

Kyai Kebo Giro is based in the Department of Music and is a focus for undergraduate and graduate programs in Ethnomusicology.
The members of Gamelan Kyai Kebo Giro are drawn largely from the student body at the University. The repertoire of the ensemble is based on the Central Javanese classical instrumental and wayang or shadow puppet theatre traditions. The ensemble has also performed and premiered new pieces for gamelan written by Australian and Central Javanese composers.

Location: Department of Music, University of Sydney
Instruments: Central Javanese slendro and pelog
Repertoire: Traditional
Director: Vi King Lim
Phone: 02 9699 9042 or 0425 318 114

Kym Hall- Member AIAA

Composer, arranger, musician available for music workshops, performances and private tuition. Gamelan, singing, anklung, bamboo flute, talempong. Member of Gamelan Swara Naga
Phone: (02) 67 715 134 or mob. 0412 601 934

Langen Suka Sydney Gamelan Association

As a community group, Langen Suka funds itself mainly by performing at festivals and private functions and by running workshops for schools and other groups.
Langen Suka's main aim is to develop awareness and appreciation of Javanese performing arts in the community at large through performances, demonstrations and workshops.

Musical Director: Vi King Lim (
Phone: 02 9699 9042 or 0425 318 114
Manager: Frank Regan ( or phone:02 9319 7541)

NORPA - Northern Rivers Performing Arts Inc.

Organises performances, festivals etc including Indonesian cultural performances
Contact: Nadeyn Barbieri
PO Box 225 Lismore NSW 2480 Australia
Phone: 61 02 6622 0300
Email: Website:

Orisha International - Member of AIAA

Bilingual & Cross Cultural Theatre Performances incorporating Dance, Masks, Music, and Puppets. Residencies & Workshops in Popular Dances (Asian & Latin), Balinese Mask Dance, Mask Making, Puppet Making (Wayang Kulit style), Puppet Theatre (Wayang Golek), Songs & Rhythms of Indonesia. English & Indonesian, Spanish, or Portuguese. Touring Communities, Festivals, and Schools throughout Australia & overseas. Further details and Information please contact us:
Tel: (++61) 041 7806 899
Fax:(++61) 041 7807 891
E-mail: Website:

Pan Event Entertainment

Promotes multicultural performance artists in schools through its cultural infusion program. Indonesian performances in NSW include wayung kulit and Balinese Tari Gambelan. However schools in the north should also check the Queensland program and schools in the south should check the Victorian program. Contact 1800 010 069 or visit for more information.

Perhimpunan Indonesia NSW

The Indonesian Association of NSW
PO Box 1606 Macquarie Centre Post Office North Ryde NSW 2113
Contact: Joe Soemarjono
Ph/Fax: (02) 9878 4450

Red-Handed Theatre Co

Cultural Exchange - Theatre,Visual Arts
1/4 Cavendish St Enmore NSW 2042 Aust
Phone: (61) 02 9557 6874

SBS Radio

SBS Radio co-ordinates Indonesian radio programs throughout Australia

SBS Radio Indonesian Language Program
SBS Radio Sydney
Locked Bag 028
Crows Nest
NSW 1585

tel (02) 9430 3135
fax (02) 9438 1114



Sekaa Gong Dharma Bali

Balinese Gamelan performed by the Balinese Community of Sydney. Practises on Sundays 3pm at the Old Darlington School, University of Sydney
Contact: Sujina (Yan Jin)
Phone:(61) 02 9559 6169
President Balinese Community: Bpk Nyoman Suarjaya
Ph: 02 9313 8937 Mobile: 0416 1129 50

Sekaa Gong Tirta Sinar

Balinese gong kebyar ensemble based at the Music Dept, University of Sydney. Established October 1992, the gamelan belongs to The Australian Museum. The group play pieces from the classical and contemporary repertoire both sacred and secular. Balinese dancers perform with the group.
Contact:Gary Watson (61) 02 9698 1756


Sekolah Indonesia Sydney

Indonesian Community Language School for 5 - 16 year olds
Every Saturday 1.30-3.30pm at Marrickville Public School Marrickville NSW Australia
Contact: Jon Soemarjono Phone: 61 02 9878 4450

Silat Perisai Diri

Indonesian Martial Arts Classes. Information about classes or demonstrations can be obtained from the instructors listed below (if any problems with these numbers contact headquarters in Brisbane
Contact: Wesley Clark Phone: (61) 07 3848 5949)
Manilla New South Wales - Bronwyn Thomas Phone: (61) 02 6785 2467
Sydney New South Wales - John Boots Phone: (61) 02 9600 9790


Traditional and Contemporary degung gamelan performance group.
Contact: Margaret Bradley
1/16 Croydon Street Petersham 2049 NSW Australia
Phone: (61) 02 9569 9028 Fax: (61) 02 9281 1349

Suara Indonesia Magazine - AIAA Member

Indonesian-Australian community magazine Based in Sydney, Suara Indonesia is a monthly full-colour magazine which wants your stories and activities in your city or town , festivals and how you are interlinking with the Indonesian-Australian community. Free publicity for any event in which you will be appearing and stories and pictures welcome after the event.
For a copy of the magazine,
Phone/fax 02 9858 5151
Postal address:PO 4026, Denistone East NSW 2112.

Sydney Gamelan Jawa

Meditative and regal sounds of the bronze gamelan drifting from the Sultan's Palace. Traditional music, song and dance from Java.
Frank Reagan and Vi King Lim
Phone: (61) 02 9211 5242 Mobile: 015 924 623

Tony Purwantono - Member AIAA

Qualified Teacher of Indonesian Language. Available for teaching in schools, courses and private tuition
phone: (02) 4620 7607
Mobile: 0145 370 825

Vis Asia

Art Gallery of NSW - VisAsiaA network of museums, galleries, universities and corporate benefactors throughout Australia, Asia Pacific region. A international body promoting awareness and appreciation of Asian arts and culture.

Warogus - Member AIAA

Warogus are a ensemble of 3 musicians from Australia and Indonesia who play original music using instruments from Australia, Indonesia Thailand, Africa and Europe including kendang Sunda, kecapi, suling, djembe, vocals, kalimba, khene and didgeridoo.
Contact: Ron Reeves
Phone:(61) 02 9430 7616 mob. 0404 831 255

Wonder Tales of the Earth and Sea

Jenni Cargyle grabs the audience's imagination and spins a web of words, images, sounds and songs throughout their performances. The stories come from objects, the Aboriginal Dreamtime, China, Indonesia, Scotland, friends feelings, frozen statues, her own experiences and interesting soundscapes. Participating all the way, students and teachers are encouraged to tell their own stories, back in the classroom.
Contact Nora Goodridge on (02) 9363 4913

Wot Cross-cultural Synergy - Member AIAA

Provides services and strategies for art, business and culture links between Australia and Indonesia. Theatre and Music performances, tours and recordings
Contact: Suzan Piper

75 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville 2204 NSW
m + 61 410 716 553

f + 61 (0)2 9560 4385

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