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The Asialink centre promotes public understanding of the countries of Asia and creates links with Asian counterparts. Asialink's Arts Program facilitates and advises on cultural exchange programs between Australia and Asian countries.
The Asialink Centre, University of Melbourne, Parkville Victoria 3010 Australia
Phone: (61) 03 9349 1879 / (61) 03 9347 1768
Contact: Ms Alison Carroll, Arts Manager

Australian Indonesian Association of Victoria (AIAV)

Web address:


Contact number: 0412 465 073

Address: AIA Victoria, P.O.Box 527, East Melbourne 8002

Outline of services: Indonesian Language Classes, Immersion program, Student Exchange Program, Malam Ngobrol, monthly Newsletter

Department of Education

Prue Price, Indonesian Language Advisor

LOTE Unit, Targeted Programs Branch

Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development

Level 3, 33 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne 3002 or

GPO Box 4367 Melbourne VIC 3001

phone: 03 9637 2064

fax: 03 9637 2040

Indonesian Representatives


Inside Indonesia - Member AIAA

Australia's foremost News Magazine about Indonesia
Contact: Helena Spyrou and Melinda Ventitich
P.O. Box 190 Northcote VIC Australia
Phone: 61 03 9419 4504

Melbourne Community Gamelan

The Melbourne Community Gamelan performs traditional Central Javanese
gamelan under the guidance of Poedijono. Our concerts include music,
wayang and dance performances.

Nyi Gemi Raras

The University of Melbourne Faculty of Music has three gamelans. Pak Poedijono takes classes for undergrad students once a week and also teaches Javanese dance and has been very active in promoting Indonesian dance and music in Melbourne for over twenty years.
Location: Faculty of Music, University of Melbourne
Instruments: Javanese
Director: Poedijono
Contacts: Cathy Falk (Phone: +61 3 8344 4718) Melbourne Community Gamelan

Perhimpunan Indonesia Australia - Geelong

Contact Bimo Soeharto for more information:
Mob: 0438078761
Phone: (03) 52617022 (AH)

Pan Event Entertainment

Promotes multicultural performance artists in schools through its cultural infusion program. Indonesian performances in NSW include wayung kulit and Balinese Tari Gambelan. However schools in the north should also check the Queensland program and schools in the south should check the Victorian program. Contact 1800 010 069 or visit for more information.

SBS Radio

SBS Radio co-ordinates Indonesian radio programs throughout Australia

Swara Bendhe

Swara Bendhe is a new magazine launched in 2003, that aims to provide information about the many active gamelan groups and related Indonesian music across Australia and New Zealand. Coverage of visiting musicians and interviews with research scholars and others, prominent in the Indonesian music scene, provide a showcase of current interest in Indonesian music. Future issues will include articles relating to ethnomusicology and practical information about performance tecknique and new and traditional compositions.

Swara Bendhe is supported by Melbourne Community Gamelan Inc. and relies on your support. Subscriptions are $15 inl. postage for 3 issues (within Australia) and AU$24 for overseas. To subscribe, please contact:
Issues are produced in March, July and November.

Melbourne: PO Box 4412, University of Melbourne, Parkville VIC 3052.

If you would like to send information to be put into the directory please email us: