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Right: Topeng Dance in Ubud Bali

Cultural Exchange is about person to person contact, sharing and cultural collaboration. AIAA aims to encourage cultural exchange by publicising art exchanges and requests for involvement. Indonesian visual and performing artists are invited to visit Australia to teach, perform or exhibit and sometimes information about their visits is hard to find. If you are inviting visitors from Indonesia please let us know and we will include the information on this page

Krakatau Erupts in Australia

World music within the progression of modern sounds… blending an amazing mix of east and west. (The Straits Times).

The distinctive tones and sounds of Krakatau originate from the ancient gamelan tonal system called slendro. The slendro tonal system gives Krakatau great freedom of expression so that the Indonesian tradition itself unfolds within the sound of modern musical elements as different rhythmic souls fuse. Through devotion and hardship, Krakatau successively contributes new sound genres to World Music.