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Cultural Exchange is about person to person contact, sharing and cultural collaboration. AIAA aims to encourage cultural exchange by publicising art exchanges and requests for involvement. Indonesian visual and performing artists are invited to visit Australia to teach, perform or exhibit and sometimes information about their visits is hard to find. If you are inviting visitors from Indonesia please let us know and we will include the information on this page.

Right: Topeng Dance in Ubud Bal

Asep. Ishak

AIAA recently had the pleasure of supporting a visit to the NSW Nth Coast by Sundanese Wayang Golek artist and musician Asep Suhenda from Bandung West Java. Asep has been visiting Australia for 4 months. While in Byron Bay Asep has been busy teaching gamelan to Gamelan Langen Sari, Byron Salendro Gamelan, St Finbarrs Childrens' Gamelan as well as school performances of Wayang Golek at Fernleigh Public School, Banora Point High School, Cape Byron Steiner School as well as Byron High School which included students from Mullumbimby HS and Mullumbimby PS. Langen Sari also organised a major performance at the Bangalow A & I Hall featuring Asep, Efiq Zulfiqar with Kym Hall, Jaemmy Basirudin, Hendri Budiman, Salendro Gamelan as well as Gamelan Langen Sari. Many thanks to Dodik Darmadi and KBRI for bringing Asep to Australia.

Asep. has accomplished many things in his life. During the 1980's he was Chairman of Harvard English Association of Dago students in Bandung and also Chairman of Malam Seni EXO in 1988 - 1989. He has also been a Personal manager at the Star Meridian Discotheque Pangandaran during 1994-1995. He has also been the stage manager of EMP, Emen Music Production in 1996. He is also very musically talented and has been working on various tour promotional cassettes in various cities. If you would like to talk to him you can email him at

Gungun Permana


Gungun Permana

Gungun is a member of the Indonesian Group Sambasunda the well-known percussion group from Bandung. Gungun is interested in visiting Australia to teach traditional and contemporary gamelon music including Salendro, Degung, Pelog and Bandung. Gungun is a graduate of STSI Bandung and has extensive experience as a musician and composer including performances at festivals, music and dance, drama productions and recordings with groups such as Non Blok, Jugala Group, Sambasunda, and the Magic Skin of Drums.
Contact; Gungun Permana Phone; 081 22343868 or email:

Betti Mujiwati


Betti performing in Mama

Betti performing in "Mama"


Betti performing in The Chair July 2000

Betti performing in "The Chair" July 2000


Betti Mujiwati is interested in visiting Australia to teach drama / theatre. Betti is a graduate of acting at STSI at Bandung and has been actively involved in theatre in West Java for some years. She has highly developed skills in theatre and production and has played major roles in both indonesia nd international drama productions including; The Laundry, Dom, The Chair, The Lesson, Makan Hakan, Pagi Bening, The Lover, Oedipus Rex, Anbtigone etc.
Contact: Betti Mujiwati Phone: 62-22-5941931, or email:

Agustus Nadeak - Member AIAA

Agustus Nadeak is an Entertainer/Singer who performs at entertainment venues, hotels festivals etc Agus is presently performing in Japan and is very interested in coming to Australia in order to share Indonesian music here. He performs songs from Indonesia, especially songs from Batak culture from Sumatra.
Phone: 62 361 286337

Agus Nadeak


The Band

Javanese Dancer Anita

Carlos de Haas and Sinta Ravitasari are new AIAA members from Jogjakarta. Their daughter Anita has performed Javanese and Balinese dance at public performances in Australia and Indonesia such as Canberra Festival 1997 and on television appearances.

Anita will be visiting Australia in April and October/November. If you would like to invite Anita to perform please contact Carlos, Sinta and Anita Phone: 62 274 381 349

Carlos and Sinta are also interested in creating opportunities for cultural exchange and providing support for Australian artists visiting Indonesia

Antonius Kho

Antonius Kho is an Indonesian artist, originally from Bandung who is presently exhibiting in the AIAA Virtual Gallery. Anton is interested in coming to Australia as an Artist-in-Residence to teach, exhibit and share his work here. Anton is interested in teaching Modern painting, oil painting, water colour, batik and drawing.
Contact Antonius Kho PO Box 155 Ubud Bali 80571 Indonesia Phone: (62) 361 974 388
Email: Web site:

"Height & Shorts" 1997 - Antonius Kho

Bpk Midiyanto

Bpk Midiyanto is a gamelan teacher and dalang who has recently been teaching gamelan at Lewis & Clark College, Portland Oregon, USA. He is interested in coming to Australia to teach gamelan and is also available to teach people who would like to learn from a dalang who is also English-speaking. He is able to tune the gamelan instruments. He will be in Solo from June to the end of August and is interested in hearing from Australian people who are interested in studying Javanese culture. Please email Bpk Midiyanto:


Anusapati is a sculptor from Jogjakarta who has exhibited widely in Indonesia, as well as in America, Europe, Australia and Japan. He is interested in visiting Australia to teach drawing, sculpture and Indonesian Art History as well as exhibit.
Contact Anusapati Phone: 62 0274 896 290

Reconstruction of Time - Anusapati

Bambang Jasnanto

Bambang Jasnanto is a PhD Student in Music Education presently studying in Heidelberg Germany. Bambang is interested in coming to Australia to teach Javanese Gamelan, Singing, Kroncong and Dangdut music.
Contact:Kiai Grinsing Email:

I Made Galung Wiratmaja

I Made Galung Wiratmaja is a modern painter from Sukawati, Bali. I Made is interested in exhibiting in Australia and teaching Balinese painting, drawing, realist painting, water colour, oil painting and modern art. Contact I Made Phone: 62 361 298 791

I Wayan Naya Swantha

I Wayan Naya Swantha is a contempory Balinese artist from Denapasar who is interested in exhibiting and teaching oil painting and modern painting. Contact I Wayan at Jl Nanka Gg Turi 28, Denpasar Bali Indonesia

A A Gd Eka Putra Dela

Anak Agung Gde Putra Dela is a Balinese Artist from Padang Tegal Ubud who is interested in teaching realist painting, modern painting, oil painting, water colour, Balinese painting, batik, sculpture and drawing. Contact A A Gd Eka Putra Dela Phone: 62 31 975 414

Yaqub Elka

Yakub Elka is a modern painter from Jakarta. He is interested in exhibiting in Australia and teaching modern painting, water colour and writing. Contact Yakub Phone: 62 21 533 3084

Rachmad Ali

Rachmad Ali is a visual artist from Jakarta who is interested in teaching contemporary painting, realist painting, water colour, oil painting, batik, drawing, modern sculpture and Asmat wood-carving. He is also willing to teach Tari Sedati, a dance from Aceh Sumatra as well as drama, writing and poetry. Contact Rachmad Ali Phone: 62 21 5333 084


Suherwanto is a contemporary artist from Jakarta who is interested in teaching realist painting, water colour, oil painting and drawing in Australia. He has recently been exhibiting at Galeri Cipta III, TIM Jakarta and his work will be appearing soon in the AIAA Virtual Gallery. Contact Suherwanto Phone: 62 21 863 0586.

Yanuarius Hari Sinthu

Yanuarius Hari Sinthu is a freelance photographer of theatre, dance and art events. He has been involved in Photography Exhibitions, Performances, Installations, Stage Management and Film. He is interested in cultural exchange and collaboration with Australian artists.
Web site:

Viktor Sarjono

Victor is a contempoaray batik artist who is interested in coming to Australia to teach batik. He has been actively ehhibiting in solo and group exhibitions and offering workshops in Indonesia and overseas since 1982.
Contact: Fax: 62 274 382613

Rommy Indra Jaya

Rommy is a modern batik artist who has been exhibiting and teaching batik in Jojgakarta, Switzerland and England. He would like to visit Australia to teach batik and exhibit his work.

Oil painting by Rommy Indra Jaya

Heri Dono

Heri Dono is presently exhibiting in the Asia-Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery and will be staying in Brisbane as an Artist-in Residence as part of the Gallery's Outreach Program. He has exhibited extensively in Indonesia and internationally, as well as being the recipient of numerous art awards. If you would like to share ideas or organise an artist's talk while Heri is in Australia:

For furthur information and to view reproductions of the above artists' work see Virtual Gallery