AIAA Work for the Dole Project 2011

Recently in Byron Bay we embarked on a six month Ballina Employment and Training Centre sponsored “AIAA Work for the Dole” project. It has been exciting to discover the level of expertise the ten participants had brought with them; BA’s in Media Communication, Asian Studies, Visual Arts, Communication, Performing Arts and Diplomas in Graphic Arts and Textile Design. Currently they are working on updating the AIAA website and directories. They have also been working on this current issue of Inspirasi magazine. Here are some of their comments they have made about the Work for the Dole project.

Participants Comments

I find working with so many talented people stimulating because I enjoy being involved and learning from each of them about their skills. Working with others broadens my knowledge, increases my confidence and sense of self worth… and it’s fun.
To be closely involved with what is happening between Australia and Indonesia in the Arts at the moment has been a special opportunity, which I’m glad, came my way. To work with someone who is making their dream happen is quite rare and wonderful.
Umm… I learned a few computer skills I didn’t know before and what it takes to run an organisation and the importance of loving what you do.
Work for the dole project helped me get into the work force by making me assume workplace responsibilities and challenges. It has boosted my confidence ten fold.
I enjoy the social aspect and getting out to the house. I enjoy sharing my skills in training the others. I’ve learned about Indonesian culture.
Although the expansion of skills that occurs when working with a diversely talented group of people would appear to be the main benefit of this project, upon reflection I think the ongoing working relationships developed during problem solving and initiation are even more valuable.


Judy Shelley
I am really excited about this project. The participants are a fantastic group of people with a huge range of skills and talents. They are achieving a fantastic amount and I hope they’re enjoying this project as much as I am.
Carole Chapman
I am very happy to be working with a great bunch of people on such a worthwhile project. But, we are handicapped by old technology a lot of time is spent talking nicely to computers and coaxing them back into the network.
Jo Williams
The project has been an opportunity for people with a variety of fields and with a range of particular interests to work together on something which is very important for Australian Indonesian cultural understanding and communication. Each person has had different and valuable skills to contribute.