Ramayana Topeng

Workshop and Performance 2014

Presenting “The Lost Princess and the Monkey King”

“The famously beautiful Princess Dewi Sita is captured in a foreign land, and trapped in a strange garden. She waits for months and months to hear from her beloved Prince Rama, but no word comes…suddenly a friendly face appears in this strange land, a funny monkey who makes her laugh and forget her troubles… the biggest surprise is when the monkey turns out to be none other than Hanoman – magical King of the monkeys – Rama’s great friend and he gives her Rama’s ring to prove to her that her Prince is coming … but Hanoman’s adventures are not over, he has to find his monkey friends again and go through the kingdom of the frogs.”
A new version of an episode from the ever-popular Hindu epic story the Ramayana where the students learn to present Balinese performance techniques such as Topeng (Mask) dance and Kecak (Monkey chant) while practising Bahasa Indonesia in a flexible story line…