Goon Bali Exhibition in Singapore 2007

Bali Exhibition in Singapore, Utterly Art presents ‘The Art of Offering’ by Yeo Siak Goon.
An exhibition of paitnings inspired by the spiritual life of Bali, opening 29 November 2007.
Bali is a magical island paradise that boasts a rich culture with countless ritual practices drawing from both Hindu and local beliefs. The Balinese treat the many unseen spirits of the land as honoured guests through their daily presentation of offerings (banten) of every imaginable form. The most complex offering might well be the series of elaborate dance-dramas for which Bali is famed – fulfilling functions of channelling, welcome or entertainment for the gods. It is this fascinating spectacle of ritual that senior Singapore artist Yeo Siak Goon has set out to paint. The stylized movements of dancers and the elaborate arrangements of flowers, fruit and leaves act as primary forms which the painter dabs out in colour against an indistinct ceremonial or temple backdrop. This painterly highlighting of the essential freezes a hidden smile or furtive hand gesture, but actively poises the viewer to expect the next stage in this bewitching revelation of Bali’s exotic mystique.
Yeo Siak Goon was born in 1957 in a small village in Benut, West Malaysia. At the age of 16, he headed for the bright lights of Singapore to learn watercolour painting and drawing under two local masters, Hua Chai Yong and Leo Hee Tong. A book designer with a publishing firm, Siak Goon has nevertheless found the time to participate in innumerable shows since 1977, representing Singapore in exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, USA, Malaysia, Brunei, the Netherlands, Macau, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. Winning the first prize in the UOB Painting of the Year competition (Figurative Category) in 1990, Siak Goon’s works have also been collected by the National Museum Art Gallery, United Overseas Bank, international Enterprise Singapore, IBM Singapore, American Club, Cathay Organization, Pontiac Marina and several local and overseas collectors.
The Show runs to the 12 December 2007.