Vol 13 - Spring 2002

The First On-line Magazine about Indonesian Culture in Australia. ISSN 1443-3680. Journal of Australia Indonesia Arts Alliance. Also available in the Archives of the National Library of Australia at: http://purl.nla.gov.au/nla/pandora/inspirasi

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    Byron Indonesian community members

    We Love Indonesia Forever !

    Photo story: Byron Indonesian community 

    Australia Indonesia Media Watch

    A group of concerned people have created the Australia Indonesia Media Watch at aimediawatch@yahoogroups.com

    Please send any newspaper articles, TV or radio announcements which have caused concern to you to this address.

    It is intended to use this Information to address;

    • Any announcement by the Australian Media which vilifies ethnic and religious group/s and individuals in Australia and Indonesia.
    • Ignores the principle of "Innocent until proven Guilty"
    • Incities Racial and Religious discrimination or Violence


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