Step into Ubud 2007

For years Bali has been the must-see destination for millions of travellers drawn to its artistic culture, exotic landscape, elegant village ambience and healthy gourmet cuisine.
More recently, it has suffered economic disruption and a decline in its vital tourist industry.
Yet, for the discerning traveller it still offers a safe, friendly welcome and an indulgent and luxurious stay at a fraction of the price of most destinations.
Step into Ubud is a book for travellers contemplating any Asian destination, not just Bali, for value and culture, people who are daunted by safety and health issues, yet still want the most enriching travel experience possible: a true cross-cultural adventure that will stay with them for a lifetime.
This book provides a step-by-step guide to maximising enjoyment and avoiding problems, and with its more general information on subjects such as how to stay healthy and assemble a first aid kit, it is a useful guide to travelling Asia-wide, not just in Bali.
As an experienced doctor who has travelled extensively in Asia, the author, David Miller, has earned a reputation as an authority on matters of health and safety, as well being regarded as an expert in secure and enjoyable methods of travel.
Step into Ubud is the most practical travel guide –¬†helping you to confidently prepare and design your journey, enjoy your stay and arrive home safe and healthy, no matter where you’ve just visited in Asia.
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